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Breakfast orders should be placed NO LATER than 3 pm the day before delivery. Early requests are encouraged to ensure your delivery time. Please set aside baskets and coffee pots to be picked up the following day.

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Catering Style Requested: Basket Platters for Group Orders (Buffet) Individually Wrapped

Green Supplies Requested: Paper Plates Napkins Forks Knives Spoons Serving Spoons Mayo Mustard

Coffee/Tea/Juice Service: Cups Cream Assorted Sugars and Sweeteners Stir Sticks

Colazione (Breakfast)

Colazione (Breakfast) Customer Notes:
Item Quantity Price
Assorted Breakfast Platter — An assortment of the pastries. (we save you the work of deciding) Includes muffins, scones, croissants, bagels, tea breads per person $3.05
Assorted Bagels only — assorted bagels, cream cheese, butter and jam, peanut butter on request $3.05
Muffin — Blueberry,banana nut,lemon poppy seed, carrot spice, bran raisin,double chocolate $3.05
Scone — Blueberry, cherry walnut,raisin,lemon $3.05
Croissant — Butter,almond,chocolate,apple,raspberry,cinnamon bun $3.05
Tea Breads — Zucchini Walnut,Banana,Carrot Spice, Lemon Pound, Cranberry Orange, Pumpkin $3.05
Panino Uno (#1) — HOT ITEM - Scrambled egg and cheese. Choice of bagel, English muffin,wheat or white toast or as a wrap (2.00ex- chg. gluten free) HOT ITEM $4.95
Panino Tre (#3) — HOT ITEM - scrambled egg, cheese, & bacon. Choice of bagel, English muffin, wheat or white toast or as a wrap (2.00ex-chg. gluten free)egg, cheese, and pancetta. Bagel can be substituted with English muffin, wrap, or gluten free toast (1.00 chg. for gluten free). HOT ITEM $5.95
Panino Due (#2) — HOT ITEM - scrambled egg, cheese,& ham. Choice of bagel, English muffin, wheat or white toast or as a wrap (2.00ex-chg. gluten free) HOT ITEM $5.95
Panino Quattro (#4) — HOT ITEM - smoked salmon, cream cheese, and tomato,served hot.Choice of bagel, English muffin, wheat or white toast or as a wrap (2.00ex-chg. gluten free) HOT ITEM $6.95
Panino Cinque (#5) — HOT ITEM-scrambled eggs, mozzarella cheese, turkey sausage patty HOT ITEM $5.95
Ham and Cheese Croissant — HOT ITEM HOT ITEM $6.25
Avocado — Add Avocado to any breakfast sandwich $1.50
Bagel and Smoked Salmon Platter — Assorted bagels and cream cheese with smoked salmon, tomatoes, red onion, and caper garnish per person $7.25
Rollo Verdura — HOT ITEM: scrambled eggs, spinach, pepperjack cheese, marinara sauce on whole wheat wrap $5.15
Vegetarian Frittata — HOT ITEM - Spinach, grilled zucchini, roasted tomatoes, and whole milk mozzarella cheese HOT ITEM $4.95
Fruit Salad — Fresh fruit salad; served in a platter SIDE ORDER (8oz) $4.25
MEDIUM (12oz) $5.55
Fruit Salad LARGE (16oz) $6.55
Fresh Fruit Platter — Sliced fruit attractively arranged as oppossed to cut up fruit salad per person $6.25
Whole fruit — Assortment of bananas, gala or fuji apples, and oranges $1.00
Oatmeal — HOT ITEM - Choice of raisins, brown sugar, walnuts, blueberrie HOT ITEM $4.20
Palio Granola - Individual cups — With almonds, cashews, and orange zest $2.85
Palio Granola - Buffet Style — With almonds, cashews, and orange zest per person $2.85
Greek Yogurt — Plain, Blueberry, Strawberry, Raspberry $2.15
Parfait — Fresh strawberries,vanilla low fat yogurt, topped with our house made granola $4.50
Hard Boiled Egg $1.00

Bevande (Drinks)

Bevande (Drinks) Customer Notes:
Item Quantity Price
Pelligrino Sparkling Water 250 ml/SML $2.50
750/LARGE $3.25
Crystal Geyser Sparkling Flavored Water — Orange, Lemon, Lime, or Mixed Berry, Peach 18oz. $2.50
Bottled Water — Small 500 ml/ SML $2.00
Bottled Water — Large 1 liter/LG $2.50
Assorted Sodas — in cans $1.85
Coke — in cans $1.85
Sprite — in cans $1.85
Diet Coke — in cans $1.85
Diet Sprite — in cans $1.85
Root Beer — in cans $1.85
Dr. Pepper — in cans $1.85
Pepsi — in cans $1.65
Diet Pepsi — in cans $1.85
Pelligrino Soda Aranciata Rossa $2.50
Limonata $2.50
Vitamin Water $2.50
Diet Snapple Ice Tea — Lemon, Peach, Raspberry, Cranraspberry $2.50
Nantucket Nectars — Apple Juice, CranberryJuice, Half and half(ice tea-lemonade), Lemonade, Orange Mango, Pinapple Orange Guava, $2.50
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice — 12 oz. cups $4.50
Odwalla Orange Juice — Individual 16oz $3.99
Odwalla - Assorted — Individual bottles 16oz $3.99
Odwalla Orange Juice — Serves 10 1/2 gallon $14.00
Coffee: FRENCH ROAST — Gourmet, fresh brewed in 10-cup airpot; comes with pint of Half & Half if requested FAIR TRADE /ORGANIC $22.00
Decaf Coffee:FRENCH ROAST — Gourmet, fresh brewed in 10-cup airpot; comes with pint of Half & Half if requested FAIR TRADE/ORGANIC $22.00
Half & Half quart $2.75
Milk - Nonfat 1/2 gallon $3.95
Milk - Lowfat (2%) 1/2 gallon $3.95
Milk - Whole 1/2 gallon $3.95
Tea Service — Selection of 10 BIGELOW Teas; comes with pint of Half & Half if requested $20.00
Brewed Iced Tea — in Cups 16 oz. $2.00

You will have the opportunity to review this order before you submit it.